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Patanjali: The Lord of Ashtanga Yoga (Courtesy: Google Images)

I was always curious about Yoga and though it sounded as a subject of great interest, the hot selling quick fix Yogas failed to draw my attention. But what began as an interesting exploration 7 months back has changed my life profoundly. The Iyengar Yoga has been the next best thing to happen to me after Veganism.

When veganism made me strong and a much more determined person as compared to the previous stubborn soul, Iyengar Yoga was the perfect thing to follow. It serves as a power house for me, the energy that it gives me both physically and mentally is something I have never experienced before. There is a surge of energy; I am as fresh in the evening as I am on an early morning. Fatigue is a lost word in my life.

Initially I began with an alternate day class but since last few months I am doing the class daily and now the effects are clearly visible. Yoga as an exercise has its own benefits on the body. My body feels as light as a feather, I can twist and bend like never before. Physical stamina and mental stability are greatly enhanced. While veganism made me super conscious about my food and its relation to the body and mind. Iyengar Yoga has helped to simplify the thoughts and attain further balance in life.

Iyengar method of yoga focus on correct alignment during postures hence duration of holding each asana is prolonged as compared to other forms of yoga. Same way the sequence of asana is also an important part of the Iyengar Yoga. I enjoy reading about this particular form of Yoga and found our two blogs that interest me. One is called Yoga with Nadine and the other is Daily cup of Yoga. Very informative and absorbing.

The one hour of morning practice is not an easy task. Every day I wake up to challenge myself and push myself beyond boundaries failing and trying. The experience makes a difference rather than any achievements. Achievements are bound to pass away, but experience is what stays.

There are a selected bunch of things that come into your life seamlessly and stay forever. I got this one right for sure!