“The little time that I manage to steal from the hustle bustle of daily life I like to spend it in creating something, enriching my little brain, making some additions to my thoughts and understanding.”


Fictional but Philosophical fiction, real stories conveyed through fiction, rarely I like baseless imaginary stuff or romantic stories in reading.

Non-fictional mainly about India I am interested in its past, history. Biographical works are another favourite with me.

These days another added interest in understanding the interrelation of each and every animate forms with each other and the ecology.


I am a student of Iyengar Yoga. Its one of the best gifts that I received in life  completely out of the blue. A good day for me is the one that begins with a dose of Iyengar Yoga.


Once in a while I like to knit something manageable. I work with crochet. So far I have managed to make a few table covers or woollen scarves for myself. I look forward to enhance my skills.


In form of some cycling, if opportunity knocks my doors I would certainly like to revive my old love for badminton and volleyball.


I was convinced of the fact that cooking is never going to be my cup of tea. Its been 3 yrs now that I have began learning the art of making home food. With veganism stepping into life it is becoming an integral part of my day.  I have been doing my little experiments with food lately. will soon put up a Recipes section on this site.

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