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mine-DelhiWhy are we so conditioned to love luxury, the luxury of goods, of possession, of power and of dominance. Yesterday, i tuned to BBC World and they were moving in France trying to unfold the reason of “The French unhappiness”. When you have everything that you are supposed to possess and gain in life, when people are so helpful and supportive in rough times, what can still make you unhappy. I may not know what makes the French unhappy, but what I know is I am very uncomfortable with luxury of any kind. Instance, take me to a 5 star hotel suite, I must be marvelling at the decor, the king size bed and all the unnecessary stuff in such a large room, but I am struck with a feeling of indifference that slowly melts into an unpleasant mood. At this moment all I think off is, wastage, everything in this room is such a sheer waste. The thought triggers a series of questions, from the evil crime of participating in inequality towards the living and exploitation of natural world.

Personally, I am more of a person who is connected to self and the more deeper the self connection the more profound is the connection with others and nature. Places and pieces of luxury act as a disconnection for me from my inner self as well as the rest of the living world. The more the physical comforts i get the more uncomfortable my heart and mind become. And my sudden urge is to break up from luxury. As soon I do it I start feeling light-headed and hearted, as if I am again grounded to my roots, able to establish a lost connection. It feels like home-coming. This is not a new phenomenon, I have mostly been like this through life so far. When I try to find a logical reason I get something on the lines of how i am defining my needs and wants.

The lines are very thin and blurred between needs and wants. And the key may lie in distinguishing between these two. This is an age of smart sustainable living over the old ways of indulgent lifestyles. So, making a smarter choice is the key. All it needs is to just start asking the question, Don’t ask, Do I really need this or that thing, but ask Why do I need this or that thing? Slowly the lines start resurfacing and it is easier to make the smarter choice.

To me, my needs are few and I don’t take more than my share from this planet without forgetting to return as much as I can, back to Mother Earth. So luxury becomes undesirable and starts choking me inside.