It been more than 60 days that I found myself caught in a spiral of small events but eventually I am breathing alive. So the new is that I have stayed back in Pune and I am glad that it happened, for several reasons. I have a stable job now with an IT company that works very differently than the usual corporate style. It’s a breather because I find myself a misfit in the dog eat dog style of work culture.

Secondly, I happened to spend a good 25 days with my parents after a gap of 14 months. It was more of a family reunion. My choices from choosing veganism to the minimalistic lifestyle and an open renouncement of the social norms have developed some major cracks in my personal life which I am glad to have been mended now. I may not be liked but I am accepted for who I am and I cannot ask for more. It’s good to be at peace with my people and certainly makes my life easier. A big relief from the psychological burden of loosing on too many people.

With the tide turning in favor of me staying in Pune I had to hunt a house and setup the place from scratch and I swear it’s a hell of a job to rent a decent place for a single woman in this city. The Indian attitude towards a woman (without a man) choosing to live on her own terms is extremely awful. This makes things pretty difficult, but then i cant help being the myself. So, finally I all almost set in the new place.

With these pieces falling in place,  I can return to blogging with new experiences and changes that constantly keep taking place in the playground of life.