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Hello all you beautiful and compassionate people out there,

My name is Kitu. I am 3 months old.I like to play, eat, sleep, run and jump now.

Am I not cute? What do you SAY?

ImageI presently live with Aakanksha, she found me on FC road one night, when I was being mistreated by people on the street. I was week, hurt and very scared. She saw me and brought me home.
20 days back I was weak and scared and suffered from hernia. Aakanksha took care of me, got me treated and today I enjoy good health and life is fun.

She spoils me, plays with me, but I have to live alone at home during the day when she goes to work.


I am adorable, and very sweet, even the vet says I am a lovely kitty. Last week the vet gave me an injection and i cried. But soon after that I had a good time playing at home, got exhausted and dozed off on Aakanksha’s bed.


I am growing now, and I have to stay indoor during the day, when Aakanksha goes to work. I miss her :(.

Aakanksha is looking for a family who can adopt me. A lovely caring compassionate family. who love me, take care of me, play with me, live with me, give me all the freedom in the world, and enjoy my naughtiness. I am spoiled too, I love sleeping next to my parents, so please consider my nature and habits before you extend your support towards me.

I presently live in Pune, but if my new parents are in Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad also, I don’t mind travelling to unite with my new parents. Aakanksha is there to take me to places :).

If you feel you can make me a part of your life, please let me (Kitu) and Aakanksha know.

Reach us at: aakanksha.singh09@gmail.com  or if you like to hear my meow call me : 9975225882.