A person’s way of living reflects one’s attitude and values. My lifestyle in particular is grounded on the principle of social and environmental sustainability, compassion and harmony with the environment and other living being dependent on it. On the basis of this founding principle I try to make informed choices and stand against exploitative and unethical practices, cruelty, unregulated materialistic pursuits, and excessive consumerism.

I try to present here some of practices that I follow in my everyday living. I would urge my friends and readers to share their inputs/comments/suggestions/critics and assist me towards self improvement.

What Burns when you move?

Prefer walking/cycle rickshaw/ bicycle for local movement, public transport systems like trains, buses etc. Avoid fuel guzzling cars, AC coaches as well as private vehicles that choke the roads and lungs of this world. Green transport is sustainable transport.

What do you do to not be part of the disposable society?
We are rapidly become a disposable society that places more value on “convenience” and “saving time” then the environment. Justifying this horrible act in the name of hygiene (as taught by the advertising gimmicks) fails to qualify as common sense. Use and throw item put enormous pressure on natural resources from raw material to manufacturing and find their entry into landfills, clogged drains, animals intestines causing a slow and painful death, polluting the air, soil and underground water. While we are running out of land space, ocean fills are the latest additions. Refuse, Reduce, and Reuse …………..Recycle (the sequence is all that matters).

To whom does water belong?
Fresh water a shared resource of the planet! A life without clean water is impossible to imagine. Com-modification water is unjust as humans are not sole owners of water. Use water judiciously in your homes, stop misuse of water, and take steps to curb its pollution. Avoid water abuse just for fun at swimming pools/water parks. It’s precious. Be a considerate consumer, refuse bottled water/drinks ethically and environmentally (the privatization of water is responsible for exploitation of the rural lands/masses Take a look). Say no to Bottled drinks.

Where does Electric power come from?
Electric Power is a privilege of few and costs dearly to forests/natural habitats. It’s a highly unsustainable source and rapid urbanization puts extreme push on its resources for its production. Large dams, coal mines, dangerous nuclear minerals are its major sources. RE-think before you leave appliances/lights/Ac’s etc burning the “forests” under avoidable situations. Prefer sunlight in day time. Put a check on phantom energy. Parks and gardens offer better alternative than Gym machines. Our one Step each day counts.

What makes us Human?
Vegan for the Animals, Environment, Health. Prefer to avoid animal products for ethical, health and environmental reasons. You can free up crops to feed hungry people, and reduce your contribution to animal suffering and global climate change by choosing a plant-based diet. Say No to Dairy products. Animal for entertainment and human pleasure (circus/zoos/animal shows/breaded pets).Be a conscious and considerate consumer, refuse goods made by killing hapless animals for leather, silk, skin & beauty products.

My latest Paradigm shift!
My clothes, fabrics transformed into Khadi. Power of our cloth! Handloom clothes use mill made yarn, the rest of the process is entirely handmade; Khadi is a totally handmade cloth – right from spinning of the yarn to production of the cloth. Thus, low energy or no energy is used in this entire process. Besides being eco-friendly, these clothes generate employment. We, the consumers, have the “power” to change the situation – to better weaver’s lives and to protect our environment and thus, our own Future.

What makes you beautiful?
Blood Jewels .I don’t buy them anymore. The fascination of Gold, diamonds and their cousins (other precious metals) is satisfied by sheer exploitation of humans (children) and poses similar hazardous to the place as other forms of unthoughtful mining activities do. It’s we esp. the female (mothers of the world) needs to awaken and shed these blood jewels from their lives for the children of this world. Don’t buy them. There is better alternates’ cruelty free to dress yourself.

I try my best to implement adopt these and many other ways that are in accordance to nature, in my life to the best of my capacity. I am soon going to move to the next set of major changes which is Chemical free living. This entitles buying Organic food, no chemicals in form of detergents/soaps/disinfectants/medicines replacing them with homemade herbal alternatives. What’s not good for nature can’t be good for us? I will try to summarize these changes once their practical application begins.

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