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This post is not intended for just expressing something rather the purpose is to share an idea, a feeling, a sentiment that somewhere connects two lovers. It’s a personal view that has grown out of observations from surroundings.

When two people come together out of accidental situations hardly without a thoughtful or a meaningful engagement and to get involved for no sensible reason they still form a relation with each other. But such relations pass off, the original temptation or indulgence is lost with time and slowly as the surprise and newness associated with a new person starts to wither away, so does the interest and the steam of closeness tends to die. Such relations are called affairs, they sprout like effervescence and die within no time.  Have you noticed the bubbles on the surface of boiling water or the bubbles of air in a shallow pond. These relations are like those bubbles which rise and die. Such type of unexpected meetings of two people can be termed as “Bubble Relations”.

Now comes the communion between two people who respect each other for who they are, love, care and share for and with each other. There lies an understanding and an unspoken bond between them. They don’t do anything extraordinary each day but live the ordinary with full zeal, triumph and gusto thus making the ordinary extraordinary. They don’t embrace to set a fire storm but that embrace is the melting of two souls and the flow of feelings generates the effect of tides in a sea, sometimes low, sometimes high and those tides do not die. Moreover beneath those tides lies the vast treasure of love, understanding and mutual respect that is limitless like the unknown depth of the ocean.

So choose your life, choose what you want. it’s in your hands where you want to fall.