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I am not different for the sake of it, I am who I am and you can name it as per your perception.

Over the course of time, I have seen from common onlookers to professional practitioners questioning out of curiosity and drawing  conclusions out of their limited wealth of information on why I choose and what I choose.

When it comes to Veganism doctors are the most curious, because it seems patients are assumed to submit their faith and trust without inquiring much, and simply nod to what the doctor says.
I met a doc,
He suggested what I can eat and prescribing dairy is just normal, I politely told me I don’t “use” animals(human/non-human), esp because the modern industry exploits and treats animals with sheer cruelty. We have few more exchanges and we have some food for his thought.
Doc:Tells me I should exercise regularly
Me:I am learning and practising  Iyengar way of yoga. He is convinced its good.
Doc:What do you do for a living?
Me: I was a software techie but I do writing work.
He didn’t ask me the next question. Infact, jumped the and gun and proclaims “Are you following some sort of cult culture and do you also do chantings”. I was taken aback with that and my immediate reaction was, “offcourse not”. He is an homoeopath and was helping me to get some relief for my daily allergic colds an year back. Thankfully, I am cured without any treatments and medications now.

At a similar instance I went to one of the Ayurvedic docs as I had some itchy skin allergy, after an examination he ruled out any infection and confirmed it was due to insect bite, my diet choice was his prime subject of curiosity. It was a good talk and we bid our farewell with the optimistic view that he is going to search out on the subject matter and may call me to talk further, if I has no issues with that. Unfortunately he never turned back.

Then there is this  view of the ordinary folks who know that being vegan means to deprive oneself of the pleasures of food, and all that vegans eat is soya.

Oh no! Please spare me, I am not a health freak or I am not coping with a life crisis and hunting for nirvana. All I am doing is making a choice towards how I treat and impact other living forms as well as how I am  nourishing my complete self from physical to mental to spiritual. I am just another common person who chooses how she is living and leading her life. Isn’t that just as simple and clear.