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An upwardly mobile, YouTube and Facebook addicted ignorant progressive Indian remarks: “Osmania varsity student groups (ABVP and Dalit) tactics gains unprecedented national media coverage”. The act is indeed a commendable attention grabbing strategy!

A hot-blooded self-proclaimed judge of human rights applauds the bravery of the Dalit students, sympathizes with them and calls for more beef celebrations.

An unknown face chooses to remain mute.

The above categorization carries no intent to associate the readers with one of the sentiment, rather an attempt to introspect their opinions at the level of human consciousness.

The discomfort with the silence over the matter reverberates inside and irks me to express my cerebration. Today, as a civilized society we have reached a juncture wherein we witness greater emphasis to individual existence, freedom of expression and practice of constitutional rights of equality.

This modernity is very disconnected when it comes to religious beliefs, traditional practices, cultural patterns that are inherited and adjusted with changing time. Our food choices are also made to fall under the purview of these cultural and traditional elements. The ABVP clan proclaims its ownership to a hapless animal owing to their inherited mythological and religious sentiments; the Dalit clan chooses to hit the ABVP clan where it hurts the most. Very politically thought. The same ploy initiated the practice of adopting beef consumption in ancient times by their ancestors.

The eye wash in the media that the Dalit clan was innocently registering its protest to freedom of food choice is too holy to hide the agenda behind it, when there are reports that it was supported by the campus academia . There is no doubt that a right cannot be demanded through a dialogue process or a meaningful and responsible protest.

Also, it is high time that the milk drinking (including ABVP) clan should get their sentiments aligned with current facts about their Mother Cow.

Today’s dairy industry is supply hub for Slaughter industry. The rise in milk and its derivatives fuel the demand for increased milk production. More pressure on milch cows, thereby more antibiotics, artificial and growth induced medicines to turn them faster into milking machines. Extract every drop and throw them away when they are no more producing milk. The painful life of the modern cow is horrifying.

A video is worth a thousand words. See for yourself. Here

Today, the cow is slaughtered, because we have believed that we will die without that glass of milk. Its slaughtered because we all want leather, its slaughtered because it’s of no use to us once it cannot produce milk. So grotesque.

Hence, blind worship and consumption of torture go hand in hand, and reduces all holiness to hollowness. It invites serious deliberations by the community at large. Demanding a ban on slaughter does not free your responsibility. Nothing less than a life of dignity for these animals must be the demand of the hour.

Moreover, it is equally unthoughtful of people who shield behind some innocent creäture and use them as a pawn to exert their right.  An oversimplification of food as a personal/cultural/traditional choice needs to mature as it holds no ground in times when one chooses to ignore the realties associated with the way his/her food reaches the platter.

Animals do not deserve to be treated as tools in the hands of political goons to proclaim their rights. Such victimization of innocent animals is inhuman and must not be tolerated by the society at large.

If your food is a personal, cultural, holier issue, please confine it to your dining rooms, and not demanding more food festivals.  If your rights are at stake, demand them with dignity, do not stoop as low as the foe .