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Nine months ago when I moved from Noida to Pune, packing the stuff that I had gathered in 4 years was a huge task at hand. I wanted to make sure that the least lands and ends into landfills.

Although my habits don’t generate much waste and I do dispose it properly from time to time. Here an approach I used during shifting, the packing and segregation of things began 1 month in advance.  As I intended to carry only the basic stuff with me, here’s are some tips to dispose your leftover stuff.

Principle 1: Resale to Reuse

Online reselling worked wonders for me. Sulekha.com came very handy.

I sold my old study chair/table, 1 bed, 2 cots, cooler, fridge, Tv trolley, a small-sized cupboard through online sale completely hassle free.

Principle 2: Donate to Reuse

Clothes that were no more required to be used, but in usable condition were washed and neatly packed, donated to Goonj collection center in Noida. Contact person: Sandeep Bhudiraja, Tel.- 9818270305, 9717270305 Address: Sector-33: R/O B-58, Sector – 33

Utensils/kitchen items/boxes that were not required were packed off for my maid as she asked for it.

Blankets/mattresses, pillows to my maid and her daughter again.

Principle 3: Recycle

The stuff that was in no reusable condition required safe disposable and assured recycling. Finding out a reliable recycler in Noida proved very tough.

Here are some breakthroughs:

Worst kind of waste: E-waste – batteries, chargers, old phone – Attero (http://www.attero.in/) a recycling company in Noida, seemed reliable as STMicroelectronics had set up Attero drop boxes in their premises to collect e –waste. I deposited the E-waste in the office Attero drop-boxes.

Newpapers/ old bottles/scrap : Sold to local kabadiwala

Confusing waste : Permanently damaged water heater, some old shoes, chips, hangers that the kabadi wala refused were difficult to dispose, I tried two recycling companies in Delhi and Noida

Noida:  Eco wise: http://www.eco-wise.biz/ I had a tough time dealing with them, as I had to adhere to their collection timings, dropped the idea as their noon timings did not suit me.

Delhi: Kabadiwala  http://www.kabaadiwala.com/ Not a friendly experience, as I had less quantity of waste, so they were reluctant to collect if from home.

Finally, I myself went in search of local scrap dealers in Khoda basti, next to the sector I lived. I had doubts if they really recycle, after some hankering, they gave a contact no. of a person Rizvan Mallik in some  Noida sector, and he collected the stuff from my home.

With this, I eliminated the possibility of 90-97% of the waste being dumped into landfills.

I ran out of time and steam otherwise, if you live in Noida and looking for recyclers do try Eco-wise they will be more reliable.