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Last 2 months have been a nightmare with hardly a time when I am free from sneezing, nose and throat irritation, followed with cold, body aches, chills.

It all began last year when I moved to Pune, I had frequent viral infection with high fever for 2 consecutive months, Initially I decided against medication, but considering my deteriorating condition, I finally went to consult several allopathic docs in Pune, who prescribed one antibiotic after another.  These treatments didn’t help and I went to see Dr Damle in Shainvar Peth, a good lead provided by one of my acquaintances at office.

His diagnosis about my condition was well grounded, and he ruled out the possibility of antibiotics giving me a permanent cure for sinus infection. He was frank enough to inform that a dosage of antibiotics pills followed by some 3 set of injectable can be 90% successful in curing this infection. The 10% was an alarm bell and good enough to convince me to opt against the treatment.  With time the frequency of cough and cold normalized but seems it manifested itself into something different.

Now, I have a highly sensitive throat,  left nostril is permanently blocked and once the flu sign surface, the complete cycle of cold, chills, light fever, body aches, extreme tiredness along with dry mouth, heaviness take more than a fortnight to go away. Though this does not hamper my daily activities, but it leaves me drained and exhausted at the end of the day.

I have opted for homeopathy, and as my diet and lifestyle pattern are beyond correction, a fact that my doc also concurs, I am hopeful for some long-term relief. But some factors that are beyond my control such as regular exposure to ACs in office place and Pune’s thickly polluted air add to my misery.  I hope my patience to deal with infection does not wear out and soon I can see an end to it.