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Chemical free bath.

A small step on a long journey is leaving behind the fancy artificial soaps, body or face washes. My face wash is a homemade mixture of common herbal ingredients, and so is the body wash or bathing bar.

Out of experimenting and collecting various methods from internet sources, I have used the following methods for herbal formulations.

For face wash alternate,
Main ingredients: besan, turmeric, neem leaves powder, sandalwood powder.
Take besan as the base mixture. 150-200 grams.
Take 2 tablespoon full of neem leaves powder.
Use half tablespoon of chandan and turmeric powder.
Mix these powders well.
Store in a container.

This lasts for 1 month.
Take 1 small scoop from the prepared mixture.
Pour few drops of water.
Apply on wet face and neck
Gently rub into your skin 1 min
Wash off after 2-3 mins.

Use it consistently and you will notice the difference. As I have an oily skin and prone to acne. I have settled on this solution for nearly 4 months now. If you have a dry skin, mix a few drops of sesame oil that will not dry out the skin.

For best results: Do not apply chemical creams and artificially extracted herbal formulations after using this face wash mixture.
Let your skin breathe naturally.

For body wash:
Simply take 3-4 teaspoon of besan in a bowl.
Pour some water.
Make a loose paste.
Apply on wet body.
Rub well.
For dry skin, again use few drops of sesame oil.

Usage: For 15 days 500 gms of besan lasts easily.

Put these mixtures in two separate containers on your bathroom shelve. Put small spoons in the containers. Also put 2 small bowls on the shelf. Whenever you want to use just open, pour, mix and use. Keeping these handy avoids all the hassle.

Free your bathroom shelves, your body and this earth from the toxic waste every morning .