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I cannot clearly recollect at which juncture of life the thought manifested, but it sprang to life a month back. Now I am already a student learning basics of Iyengar Yoga under the guidance of Abhay Javakhedkar.

The fact that Yoga in its first place, learned and taught in the right way holds a lot of promise to well being for a person remains grounded with me. The concept in itself is self assuring and undoubtedly gives me the confidence to make it a pillar of strength in my life. Attaining self reliance for the body has become vital given my lost faith in medicinal healing and particularly modern medicine.

After setting the ball rolling by subjecting my physical self to twisting, stretching, bending, and so on I am enjoying the sweet pain my limbs are experiencing. As a novice I find Iyengar techniques very interesting wherein you put to use common day utility articles to assist you in learning the art (it’s indeed an art). From commonly used chairs, stools pillows, bolsters, ropes, straps, bricks, wooden blocks, thin logs and I suppose there is more to see.

Most joyous moment was the close awareness of my body. The experience of connecting to my body is like never before. Although it’s just the beginning but I am learning to listen to it more clearly and correctly and thereby understanding it better. This is clearly conveying to me the difference between truly respecting it as against pampering. This idea draws me towards believing that this is a beginning of an everlasting relation that I will be nourishing and cherishing in the coming years.

My interest and allegiance towards Iyengar Yoga is attributed to Harish for all his support and inspiration through his genuineness, his belief in Yoga and particularly Iyengar Yoga that has helped me to begin this chapter in my life.