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Home Composting

I am glad to announce that my first experiment in home composting is bearing fruits for me.
After settling in pune i began home composting after combining the idea of daily dump earthen pots and my friend Sejal’s Bucket composting. As I had no spare old plastic bucket to use as a container and unconvinced to add more plastic in my life, the mud pot came to rescue. The solution was to buy a big earthen pot from a potter, get the bottom hole closed and  make some holes in the wall of the pot for air circulation. The deal was sealed for 80 bucks.

The container served the purpose and now its full to its capacity. It took 1 month to completely fill it with 2 times a day of regular cooking for a single person. And as any home composting bin can, this one could manage all the organic waste of my kitchen.

More information on home composting can me found on Daily dump which also sells home composting kits. Its was very informative and has helped me to understand the basics and process of composting in a well defined step by step manner. Though I was taken aback by the cost of their composting kits.

Moreover home composting is a natural process, all one has to do is facilitate and leave it rest to nature to take care of it. It worked for me. The bottom layer of the waste has decomposed in a healthy way, no foul smells. However at some instance i saw some flys like creatures building up, but after adding neem powder available from the pot wala they were taken care of.