In this herd of mediocrity I find myself suffocating. It’s breathtakingly difficult to hold on your nerves.
My choices make me a misfit among majority of flocks in this world. Every person today is a self proclaimed hub of “knowledge”. It’s a different matter though the stuff they call “knowledge” is just bits and pieces of information most of the time rotting inside their heads. When information is not put to scrutiny, when the urge to seek is dormant or rather dead; can one hardly touch the tip of knowledge? Such a gorge of information with lack of critical questioning and thoughtful deliberation makes one nothing but the current marvel of the Indian economical society “the up growing middle-class”. It’s disheartening to see mankind reduced to such shabbiness.
This state more than often leads them towards modern day seekers who help to fill the voids by adding a little more garnishing to their misinformed lives. The end is very fulfilling and satisfying in an all together different context. When a saintly clad guru assures you some hollow ideals keeping your comfort zone intact, with no step towards self change is the last nail in the coffin. All hope of any thoughtfulness and an individual’s natural evolving traits are lost.
In the midst of these dried souls it’s a rarity to see an individual carving out a path based on profound convictions and depth of understanding. It’s been long time to have interacted with a lively and spirited heart. In the middle of an ocean today my heart finds itself perching on sand dunes under a scorching sun.