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Today it’s my 20th day in the city.And I am frequented by this usual and common question “Hows Pune”. I end up with a well rehearsed reply, all thanks to opinions from handful of people in my life.Before moving to the city,every person I know who is not from Pune described the city from his/her linking quotient. For some it was a place with moderate temperature, for some an access point for touring the places surrounding it, to some a second home away from woes of a metropolis. All of this cumulatively forms my answer.

Over the past few days i started taking this question seriously although I do brush off people with rehearsed replies, but what counts is answer that circulates through my grey cells. What difference it makes if its Delhi, Pune, Calcutta or Cochin? The driving forces behind these growing towns are no different from each other. The typical ambitions fueling the current breed of people holds same ground. Monetary valuations have become synonymous with purpose and goals of people’s life. Those who have it want more; those with more love to flaunt it for them and the rest, those who don’t possess try their best to make it. In midst of all why any Pune or Delhi matter to this maverick.
There is the same aloofness in the middle and young age groups, they are happy in cultivating and nurturing the market value system quite ignorant of the world around. The American Dream of Economic opulence has firmly gripped young minds and heart and what’s left of Indianess is its mysticism, dogmatism ideals that they behold as their “Indian Values” .The unmindful attitude of modern day consumers, incivility, disconnectedness of citizens from their duties are all rampant in same degree as they are in any other indian city. In anycase this is quite a omnipresent phenomena of present times and that makes Pune all the way similar to any other city I have lived. So the good news for lovers of Globalization is East to West Their India is getting similar in taste just like Mc Donald’s/KFC Burgers (to avoid any confusion I not much of a fan of their food).

This state of yet another human civilization hub invites prompt deliberations towards its self sustenance in the longer term. The unplanned concrete structures, unregulated infrastructure expansion of city walls, extremely poor public service systems, absence of waste management practices. Such a complete neglect of sustainable public welfare/development work aims only towards disastrous consequences with local communities/natural sources (water,jungles) and other living beings further bearing the burden of another “success” story unfolding in the name of Pune.
The happy go lucky citizens need to awaken to their city’s call and seek active participation in their own future. Everyone wants to invest in infrastructure bonds, real state hubs but a timely change in their “investment” equation can reap better results in future.

Now I am able to say at least I know some of Pune !